“Anne helped me to uncover my passion and has guided me through the early stages of launching my own business. By working with Anne, I have been able to more clearly see the big picture vision of my life as a parent, partner and entrepreneur, as well as the small details to help me achieve that vision. She has also helped me to identify thoughts and fears that have the potential to hold me back while giving me practical strategies and exercises for dealing with the inevitable challenges I will encounter along the way. I recommend Anne to anyone looking for a career coach whose approach is both practical and inspiring.”  -Kelly

Anne Baker is a phenomenal coach – she is energetic, smart, fun to be with and incredibly passionate about helping others achieve success and find clarity in their personal and professional lives. She provided enough structure to help me figure out my next steps through homework, exercises and regular email, phone and in person check-ins, all doing it with grace and understanding. I feel incredibly grateful to Anne for her wisdom and utmost professionalism and I highly recommend hiring her!”  -Jenny

“I began working with Anne after I was downsized from a corporate job where I had worked for many years and was looking to make a change. I wanted to find more fulfilling work and a better work life balance. Anne has been a tremendous help and guide for me through this process. Through our one on one sessions, and a variety of assignments and exercises Anne has helped me to discover what I am passionate about and helped encourage and motivate me to take steps to explore new opportunities. In addition to always being inspired after our sessions I have found one of the most helpful things is that Anne challenges me to step outside my comfort zone.” -Eileen

“Work has been going really well! I owe so much of that to you – you really helped me change my attitude about work and invest more. I actually really like my job and am getting a lot of positive feedback!” -Anne P.